Garrard County Preschool

Belinda Bowling
Belinda Bowling
Special Education Administrator & Preschool

We are very proud of the Garrard County Preschool program. Currently there are preschool classes in the morning and in the afternoon at all three elementary schools. In addition, Garrard County Preschool is fully blended with Head Start. Children attending the state funded preschool and children attending Head Start attend classes together. 

Garrard County Preschools are scheduled to be in session 128 days per school year.  Most weeks, children attend class Monday through Thursday.  Teachers provide a variety of services to families on Fridays.  In order to have 128 days of classes, there are a few Fridays when preschool is in session.  These days are: 

                    *  Friday September 23

                     *  Friday, November 11

                     *  Friday, January 6

                      *  Friday, January 20

THERE WILL BE NO PRESCHOOL THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 6-10 FOR HOME VISITS.  Should school be cancelled due to inclement weather that week, there will be no preschool  the following week on the same day of the week.  Home Visits will occur on that day.  If your home visit is snowed out, you will have a home visit the following week on the same day at the same time.  


ENROLLMENT:   If you are considering enrolling your child in Garrard County preschool, you may call the board office to schedule a screening time. Screening must be completed prior to enrollment in preschool. The telephone number is 859-792-3018; ask to speak to Ms. Mindy Morrow.   

What you need to bring to screening:

1)  Completed Registration forms

           These are available at Central Office from Ms. Mindy Morrow or at each of the elementary schools.  You may also download the forms from this web page.

2)  Proof of Income must be brought to screening.  

            W-2/Tax Returns are the preferred documentation

3)  If someone other than a biological or adoptive parent is bringing the child to screen, we must have the screening permission on the registration form signed by the biological/adoptive parent.   

Prior to enrollment, your child will be screened in five developmental areas. 
These areas are: 
1. Communication—speech and language 
2. Concepts/cognitive functioning 
3. Motor skills 
4. Self-Help skills 
5. Personal/Social skills 

 Some children may have difficulty in one or more of the areas. If your child has difficulty, we will let you know. If your child has scores that indicate a possible delay in one or more areas, teachers will provide support to your child. This will help us know if your child needs additional help in that area or if he or she was just shy and didn’t answer well. The technical name for this process is Response to Instruction. This means we will use teaching strategies that are proven effective to see if your child catches up in that area. This web site has a manual that fully describes this intervention process.   Over time, if the teacher finds that your child is struggling in one or more areas, we may suggest further testing to see if your child has a developmental delay. The best time to help a child catch up is when he or she is young!!!

If your child experiences difficulty in one or more of the developmental areas and is 3 years old and is NOT eligible for Head Start, we have a unique process.  Our preschool staff and the preschool Response to Intervention Team will give you some suggestions for activities to do with your child at home. In addition, you will be asked to bring your child to school several times a month to receive support in the areas he or she scored low. Again, the formal name for this process is Response to Intervention.  We will use the data from your child’s response to instruction along with further testing (collected ONLY after you have given permission) to determine if your child has a developmental delay. If your child does not have any true delays in development, only Head Start is available to him or her as a 3 year old.

 I’m sure this process sounds confusing. Any of the preschool staff will be happy to speak to you about the process if you have questions. You can also call me at any time at 859 792-3018.

Belinda H. Bowling